Ordering with Fit Foundation

Eat with Fit Foundation today! Order online and get your own healthy, delicious meals at affordable pricing. We prepare our meals fresh in-house and offer carry-out as well as pick-up options for convenience. Our menu consists of a variety of fresh and good-for-you meals each week! We offer a pre-order menu that changes every Thursday morning, keeping our selection fresh and new. Choose from various breakfasts, main entrees, soups, pasta salads, and desserts! Pick-up days and times are identified on the pre-order menu. Call us or view FAQ for any questions or concerns!

How to Order

Ordering is easy with Fit Foundation! Simply fill out an order online and come pick it up at the designated pick up time!

Ordering and pick-up schedule:

ALL ORDERS PLACED THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY: Pick up is every Wednesday (Hours 12pm-6pm).
ALL ORDERS PLACED MONDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY: Pick up is every Saturday, (Hours 10am-12pm).

All orders can be received at our location of:
2209A Plainfield Rd.
Crest Hill, IL 60403

Don’t hesitate! Place your order now!


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